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October 4, 2020 / kiranpatils

Comparison between Sitecore Custom and SXA Approaches


Sitecore supports Various development approaches:

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If you have been using the Sitecore Custom Development approach for a long time and haven’t heard about SXA yet. I would strongly recommend you to read more about it. You might like my earlier post: Sitecore SXA Basics

Or you have already learned about SXA and currently trying to figure out:

  • How can you move from the Sitecore Custom approach to SXA approach?
  • What are various approaches to do something in SXA compared to the Sitecore Custom approach?

Then this post is for you.

When we started exploring SXA. We had similar questions in our mind.

For my mind mapping, I used to compare each SXA approach with the Sitecore Custom Development approach. So, my mind can visualize and understand it.

Sharing Knowledge Quotes. QuotesGram
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Thought to share my learnings with you!


I’ve listed down the following table, Which compares various approaches for specific requirements.

RequirementSitecore Custom approachSXA approach
Multi siteConfig Driven : Item Driven :
LayoutNeeds custom developmentOOTB :
Page DesignConfigured on Template’s standard value–structuring-pages.html#UUID-d7d17364-b635-606b-41df-eb2f39df385e_section-idm46212287364752_body
ComponentsNeeds custom developmentOOTB Various Components are already available :   And it also allows you to tailor it as per your needs or create your custom component   Customize OOTB Component’s views per site :   You can also clone rendering : Note: Has initial learning curve.
SearchNeeds custom developmentOOTB SXA Search Components and Services :
Custom Link ResolverConfig Driven : Item Driven :
WorkflowNeed to assign at Template LevelSXA 10.0 :   Earlier version (Rule based and custom development) :
SecurityNeeds custom development and configuration
Site CloningNeeds custom developmentOOTB :
Front end – Back end integrationFED and BED works in isolated mannerCreative Exchange Live :   SXA 9.3 :   Note: Has initial learning curve.
ThemeNeeds custom development and mostly coming from file systemOOTB :
Sitemap/Robots.txtNeeds custom development or Marketplace moduleOOTB :
Error PageNeeds custom development or Marketplace module
Page output as JSONNeeds custom developmentOOTB :
CachingNeeds to do it at each component or item levelItem Driven OOTB Configurations :

You can also locate this table from following sources:

Google Doc can be located from here

Have I missed any requirements? You would like to contribute your learning to this document? Please let me know, I will give you edit rights to update Google doc.

Hope this document helps you reduce your SXA learning curve.

Happy SXA Development! 🙂

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