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May 6, 2020 / kiranpatils

SXA Renderings Cheat Sheet


Recently have been doing SXA GAP analysis for new project. Sitecore documentation team has done great job documenting those here :

As you can see there are 70+ components and it’s easy to remember all of them (you no need to in real world). But when you are doing quick analysis and try to map Non SXA component with SXA.

Mark and SXA team has done great job help you visualize all components using this SXA Style guide : (Thank you so much!)

Still I wanted to have list of all components as a single reference card. So, I can quickly review it. And that’s how idea of having SXA Renderings Cheat Sheet came into existence!


You can view/Download PDF from here :

  1. First column indicates Rendering name
  2. Second column indicates whether it supports rendering variant or not (If this column doesn’t exist means it doesn’t support rendering variant)
  3. Third column indicates Description

Happy SXA Development! 🙂



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  1. richardhauer / May 13 2020 9:41 am

    Some pictures of the components would be really helpful!


  1. SXA Rendering Global Exception Handler | Sitecore basics!

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