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February 15, 2020 / kiranpatils

Broken AzureTools.aspx on Sitecore 9.3


If your Sitecore app is on Azure and you are overwhelmed with Application Insights and need simple tool to check logs. AzureTools.aspx is an answer for that. You can find more about it from here:

I’ve been big fan of this tool and Sitecore has been updating it regularly –

Recently I was trying to use it on my local 9.3 instance, but it was not working. When I deployed same aspx page on 9.0.2 solution it worked.

I spent lot of my time troubleshooting and finally was able to figure out. If you are facing similar issue or going to give a go to this tool soon. Then this post is for you only!


Sitecore 9.3 OOTB comes with strict CSP rules. Read more here :

Which is good and must be there for security reasons. But in local environment it might can block few of your developer tools.

Here’s what I did to fix my error:

  1. Opened Webroot\Web.Config
  2. Did – Find and comment this node – <add name=”Content-Security-Policy”
  3. AzureTools.aspx was up and running!

As I was focusing on analyzing and fixing my other issues and it was my Dev environment. Commenting this node was an okay solution. But I strongly recommend that you should it enabled and try to tweak your policy to fix URL specific issues or revert your changes once your Log analysis is done. Will dot it someday, or if you do it please blog.

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