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November 30, 2019 / kiranpatils

200th Sitecore Blog Post

I’ve been sharing my Sitecore basics via this blog since 2011. Today, I’m super happy and surprised that, I’m writing my 200th blog post. (Double century is really special – You can understand that I’m coming from Cricket playing nation 🙂 )

This would have not been possible without following people:

  • All those great souls who inspired me to write!
  • Great souls like you who kept reading my blog and appreciate what I did – Which motivated me to keep going. As starting Sitecore or any blog is easy. But to keep it going needs more efforts. Would have used this time doing something else. But I feel grateful that I invested my time on this blog which helped lot of Sitecore Souls across the globe!

Some Stats:

This post will make posts count to 200
All time views
Annual Site stats
Total followers
This is my favorite – Could contribute on larger part of the earth in some way!


  • Total posts : 200
  • Total views : 519518
  • Total visitors : 254007
  • Total words : 107450

Perfect day [Thanksgiving] to write this blog. I’m Thankful for:

  • Those who taught me Programming
  • Those who taught me Sitecore
  • Those who inspired me to blog
  • Those who read my blog and kept me going

Hope this post inspires you to start your blog or restart your blog which you haven’t updated since quite some time.

Happy blogging! 🙂 – Start your blog, might not for others. But for your self! [At times, I find solution from my old post 😉 ]

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