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October 29, 2019 / kiranpatils

Have you noticed OOTB Sitecore Diagnostics Service (Beta)?

Recently, I was trying to generate Sitecore Support Package using SSPG.

Which looks like following on last step:

Following screen got revealed as soon as I clicked on Done button.

In past, I’ve used SDT (Sitecore Diagnostics Tool) in the past for validating Sitecore instance (I’m sure you as well). But after Azure Web Apps you can’t install SDT. SDS latest version has reesolved this issue, where you can provide SSPG generated package to SDT as input and same analysis will be done by SDT.

As always Sitecore team has gone one step further to SDT as part of Sitecore Support Package generator admin page. When you click on “Agree and Continue”, Tool will upload SSPG Package and provide you analysis report. Which looks like following — Which is Standard SDT report.

Hope this makes your diagnostics faster – Thank to Sitecore!

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