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September 27, 2019 / kiranpatils

Module : Hotfix Checker (HFC)


As a Developer/Architect you always want to make sure your Sitecore app has latest and greatest hot fixes deployed.

Hot fixes are part/heart of any product. Sitecore being enterprise level CMS and with this IaaS/PaaS/Micro service world. New scenarios gets identified which introduces one new hotfix.

Over the years, community has identified that it’s tough to be in sync with all Sitecore hot fixes for your current solution. At the same time, you don’t want your team to spend N number of hours investigating something which is already identified by Sitecore team and they already have hot fix out there.

To solve this challenge Sitecore team, came up with an idea of Github repository :

But it was still tough to search and locate any particular hot fix which applies to your Sitecore version. and identified this challenge and they came up with using this URL, you can search and check all available Sitecore hot fixes. It also has RSS Feed. Which is being plugged in Sitecore Slack’s #hotfixfeed channel.

One fine morning, I was thinking to simplify this further. I wanted someone to do automatic comparison for my Sitecore version and tell me the result. You also think the same? Then Hotfix checker [a.k.a. HFC] is for you!


  • HFC simplifies all steps, which you as a human will do to compare your installed hot fixes and Sitecore’s recommended hot fix.
  • This is how result looks like:
HFC V 1.0

Curious to try this out? Please visit :

I would like to give a huge shout out and lot of credits to Maria and Bram for simplifying data and providing me feed to access this data – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you folks!

Have a bug free Sitecore application!

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