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July 21, 2019 / kiranpatils

Does your Sitecore Azure App Index rebuild got stuck?


For one of our solution, Index rebuild was getting stuck after deployment (Jobs.aspx will show sitecore_Web_index is running since hours and it won’t complete till you restart and rebuild again). It never happened for other clients. One thing about this solution was it was on Azure App.


As you do, We also did quick google search and found good posts around same topic. But neither of it was helpful.

So, we started digging more on our own.

Our solution was having Solr Switching configurations. So, we thought to check some records in Core DB. Want to know more about it? This post explains it nicely :

  • From KUDU – We found out MachineName
  • Fired following query against Core DB:
  • We noticed lot of duplicate entries. Which we were not expecting to see.

We reached out to Sitecore and they suggested us to change Instance name setting to use custom name instead of default (Which is combination of website and machine name): <setting name=”InstanceName” value=”” />. We set this value to MYCLIENT-VM on our CM Server and this fixed issue!


As you know Sitecore Web Apps are Azure Web Apps and Azure spins up new VM and swaps it on the fly. Which means your machine name will change. And Sitecore EventQueue relies a lot on Instance name value. Read this nice post to know more about EventQueue :

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