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December 25, 2018 / kiranpatils

Sitecore 9 Compatible Cache Tuner


In ~9 years of Sitecore experience have been happy to contribute 8 modules on Sitecore Marketplace (If you are new to Sitecore world and not aware of this, then let me explain you — It is Sitecore’s Play Store [Android]/App Store [iOs] where anyone (Including you) can contribute any Sitecore module ):

Contributed modules

Out of these modules, Which modules I really feel proud of and Cache Tuner is one of that. The reason behind it is — It is still widely used by community and lot of community members have already recommended it in community. Thank you folks!

This was my first shared module : As you can see it was on old platform trac and If you tried tuning Sitecore cache then you must have come across Cache Tuning guide which has some rules based on which you tune Sitecore caches. CacheTuner helps you automate that, Sounds interesting? Read Cache Tuner guide :

Recently, I was trying to use it for my current project which is on Sitecore 9.0.2 and as soon as I ran it I got error due to Sitecore’s changes in Caching API (Sitecore 8.2).

Changes are mainly done to support DI and that’s why none of the methods are returning concrete classes.


I thought to spend time today to make it Sitecore 9 compatible, and you will be happy to know that now CacheTuner supports >=8.2 version. Needless to say, you have to rely on old CacheTuner for earlier versions. [You are still on older version? It’s time to upgrade :-)]

Have also created git repo for updated CacheTuner module :

This is my Christmas gift for all of you, Have a Happy Holidays!


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