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December 1, 2018 / kiranpatils

Custom language for Sitecore Azure PaaS Web Apps


We are porting one of our client’s App from Older Sitecore version and infrastructure (IaaS) to Sitecore 9 and Azure Paas Web App.

They have 20+ languages and we learnt that they have few custom languages as well (en-TH, en-VN, en-ae). You might get excited and say, You can use :

But If you said so, Then you must’ve missed last line, App is on Azure PaaS web App. And Custom Language Tool is Windows desktop application. Which you can’t run on Azure web App. Interesting?

Wondering, How we resolved it? And you are also facing similar challenges? Then this post is for you.


First of all, we did quick search and found following links:

This link found from first link is really nice read and confirms one thing THAT IT’S NOT POSSIBLE to do and then provokes some really good questions :

You cannot, at this moment, create a custom culture on an Azure App Service.  Cultures are part of the standard operating system and require changes to the registry to modify or add them.  An Azure App Service runs in a sandbox which does not allow code or script to modify the registry.  I do not work on the team responsible for this Windows feature, but I have confidence the team puts lots of diligence into providing the fundamental capabilities to match the requirements of most global cultures.

Second blog gave some good alternative solution using URL Rewrite.

But before we do that, We thought to see what all cultures and languages are available on Azure Web App  and was able to get that list. You can also download it from here :

We couldn’t find exact language. But we found alternative languages, Which we could use for our Sitecore solution and after consulting with our client we used it! Reference list is as below:

  • en-TH -> th-TH
  • en-VN -> vi-VN
  • en-ae->ar-ae

Hope you found this helpful!


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