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July 21, 2018 / kiranpatils

Sitecore Troubleshooting Demos


Have been crafting on Sitecore since a decade and have came up with lot of unique Sitecore challenges.

Which I’ve been sharing with you via this blog, And have received good feedback from you — And I appreciate you for that. If you haven’t came across it yet. Then you can visit following links:


While learning Debugging/Troubleshooting Tess’s blog helped me a lot. Especially Labs (You as well?!) :

Sine long time, I wanted to build something similar for Sitecore community. But most of the times being super busy, and at times being lazy [Happens with you as well!? ;-)]. But when I thought to present at SUGCON India I thought this is the best time to work on this idea! (If you couldn’t attend SUGCON India then you missed a great event — Everyone did a great job to make this happen first time at India. You can see great pictures here :

I’m excited to share, What I have done with you. Which I already shared at SUGCON India and SUGUAE events.


You can get it from here : (Read Me file should help you to get started) This lab contains 3 Bugs in the form of 3 Labs. It will be fun to find it and fix it!

My Session slides are here :

My session video is here :

Give it a try and let me know what you think? You found new bug in your day to day life, And would like to add it scbuggybits, I encourage you to do so!

Hope this helps you to fix your issues and let’s you go home on time! 🙂

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