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March 2, 2017 / kiranpatils

TDS error while generating update package


It was Friday evening and it was time to sign off for the day and go on long weekend trip. Just before that we had a task to send a deployment package. And suddenly my friend Vikram shouted — While generating TDS Update package, We are getting this error

TDS: The package builder failed. Please see build output log for more details

When I went to his desk and said – Oh that’s easy. Just look at output log and we should be done! But It’s real world life, which is not as easy as it seems. You are also facing same error? Searching for solution? Then this post is for you:


After trying few things we thought to do quick search and we found following great articles:


Both have listed good suggestions. But neither of it worked for us. But might work for you. So, please do it before you move on. What, you already tried and then landed on this post. Then please keep reading. We thought to look at Build log level. By default they are minimal after changing it to Diagnostic. And when we tried again, we were able to find root cause from build output window that one of the .item was corrupted. As such it was not mandatory to have it. So, we deleted it AND It worked!


Happy Weekend! 🙂

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