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December 20, 2016 / kiranpatils

Sitecore Azure Basics


In a small city, there is a company. Where two people work – Mr. Basics and Ms. Curious. As name suggests Ms. Curious was always curious about anything. Whenever she used to see something new, she used to go to his friend. Mr. Basic. Again as name suggests Mr. Basic was always clear with his basics. And when anyone used to come to him with questions. He was helping them understand with all the basic information he had!

Disclaimer — All characters in this publication are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Also, If you noticed in following posts I used male characters. But knowingly in this story I am adding female character. I would like to encourage more girls to code :


So, Ms. Curious came to know about Sitecore Azure which is buzzing since 8.2 update-1 launch and she has already been through few articles on web. But still she prefers to talk to her friend Mr. Basics. So, Mr. basics as always explains all basic details about Sitecore Azure to Ms. Curious. This post shares chat between them. Which you might find helpful. If you are in same boat as Ms. Curious!


Read from left to right :

1 23 45 67 8

Hope you found this chat helpful! Also, Would like to Thanks to all SC Community members for sharing their learnings as well SC documentation team for nice documentation. Which allowed Mr. basics to simplify Azure learnings. Thank you all of them!

Before you go to last section, Would like to say Thank you (Yes, you!) my dear reader for reading, sharing, visiting, and commenting on my blog. This blog is my open diary. Which I share with you. 2016 had been great year, on our blog — We got 85K views and 15 blog posts. Which makes 167 blog posts overall and 327802 Page views! Thank you – Humble, Grateful!


Happy Holidays, Have a great time with your loved ones!



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