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September 19, 2016 / kiranpatils

Sitecore MVP Summit and Symposium basics from the field

Hey Sitecorian, I’m sure you must have been seeing lot of Buzz about Sitecore MVP Summit and Sitecore Symposium which was happening at NOLA.

This was my second Sitecore event. First one was at Dreamcore Europe in 2011. This one was lot different than last one. Especially, Because of two things:

  1. Sitecore community has grown a lot!
  2. Sitecore is taking this event at a bigger scale – Thanks to their event committee!

So, luckily I was part of this event. Thanks to Horizontal Integration for sponsoring us. 30 people from HI were there. As THIS IS OUR DOMAIN:

It was a great event. Full of information, which will take sometime for me to digest. I took a lot of notes. And I thought to blog and share with you as well. So, If you might have missed this event. Because of any reason – No Visa, Lack of finance, Other plans, Family reasons, or anything else. Then this post is for you.

Again, event was full of experience. And I won’t be able to share same experience with you e.g. We did Go-Karting, Been on boat etc. — That thing I can’t share. But i can surely share knowledge and I am sure you will feel that experience via  this article:

Media images

  • Sitecore MVP Summit : MVP Summit happens every year to appreciate all MVP efforts. Sitecore demonstrates new things first hand to MVPs/VIPs 🙂 Lot of MVPs and Sitecore employees reached here on Sunday night and they were chatting till early morning Monday — That’s what happens when passionate people gets connected. Monday — It started with registration and Keynote. Followed by lot of sessions. And in evening we went on boat — Awesome experience! Second day we went to NOLA Motorsports — We had sessions there, Round table discussions and finally we did Go-Karting. Few pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Inspired? Want to become MVP? Start learning and start sharing. This article might help you

  • Sitecore Symposium : MVP Summit is only for MVPs. But Symposium is for everyone. For Partners – To show their potential and connect with future clients, Developers and Marketing folks to connect with each other, And everyone presents their learnings. This event also started by Welcome reception and registration first day then second day a Keynote from Michael Seifert with a new experience and demand more theme. Followed by back to back sessions and big party at House of Blues. Second day was also full of learnings. Few pictures:

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Topic Basic How it affects you? Remark
Developer Marketing/


Future of Form  Something new coming up in Forms You should be aware of this  This will way you work with Forms


 Unfortunately, can’t share lot on this as it is under MVP NDA
Commerce Future It will be known as Sitecore



Engine is built on .NET Core

If you are looking for E-Commerce with Sitecore then you must need to check this

Same as last column

Very configurable – Commerce engine on .NET Core
Idea Management If you have any idea to improve Sitecore. Post it here: Sitecore Product team will funnel it using Prod Pad If your wish list/idea gets voted – It has higher chance to get it done You can also post One more example of Sitecore listens!
Nuget Sitecore assemblies are available on Sitecore Nuget : Better to use nuget.config and commit in repository along with .sln file

Avoid using references

Sitecore on Azure Lot of great things coming up. Removing Azure module. Support for ArmViz Templates, Support for Redis,


Just a note: MS is sun setting Cache extensions soon. So, if you have Cache worker role and using session. You need to upgrade or find alternative

You will not need Azure Module. You can directly publish on Cloud Services from Visual Studio


You will be able to CM/CD/AG/Processing server on cloud with few clicks and few minutes

If you are setting up new servers. You should check this Coming in Sitecore 8.2 Update1
Sitecore DI Microsoft DI is support is available out of the Box with Sitecore 8.2 Look for some configurations and attributes like resolve=”true”


There is also an Admin page to look at DI : ShowServicesConfig.aspx

For bigger projects – Ask for DI for highly loosely coupled and easy to maintain projects NA
.NET Core Sitecore is adopting .NET Core a lot. And so as community. It is time for you to learn .NET Core


They did it using Publishing Service in Sitecore 8.2


They have plans for lot of other things

Habitat/Helix One thing you need to carve in your mind “Habitat is a demo site, and Helix is Sitecore standards way to do things”


Another way :

Helix is a specification and Habitat is an implementation

Finally, Sitecore came up with documentation which talks about Standards. Because Sitecore is like Weapon. You can use it for your safety or you can harm other using it. It’s how you use it. Ask your developers to read Helix Standards You can also contribute – It’s on Github!
Path Analyzer Alex and Adam did a great job! Now, you don’t need Silverlight to view Path Analyzer – They ditched Silverlight – Sitecore 8.2


Awesome way to analyzer user’s path


New UI

It’s 100% on JS – Using React, Redux, Modular JS,  D3.JS,  Web Pack Must use Path Analyzer to understand your customers NA
Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) New way to Create Sitecore websites


Built on Helix principles


80% Faster Sites


Understands Tenants, Sites

You should surely know about this. Mainly it is for FED and Content authors Good to check If your Site design is simple and you would like to get things done faster. Just make sure you do maths on Licensing Not sure about licensing model. Does it make sense to get it done from Partner of from this module. Is not clear to me yet
Developer Keynote Sitecore is going in Cloud First, SOA and Stateless direction



Data Exchange Framework is coming up


OData will be standard Protocol for Sitecore – REST API and OData


Micro Services using ASP.NET Core


Express Migration Tool – Launched in 8.2 – It only does content – It is possible from 7.2 to 8.2

Keep watching these tools NA
xConnect Collect data Cross Channel


xDB will be central

Client API will be used You can use this data with Power BI as well Will come in 8.3 – Initial release


8.4 – Full version

Sitecore Publishing Service After 10 years – These are some of the biggest improvements happened in Publishing logic


Improves Publishing performance heavily. It uses Smart logic


New UX

Built on .NET Core


Needs to install module and configure few things

No new license required Launched in Sitecore 8.2

That’s it. These were my learnings from my views. If I missed any points. Feel free to let me know. Will be more than happy to add it. Read more:

So, now I’m back to my work with lot of things to learn, implement and share! This was my experience! – If you are customer DEMAND MORE and If you are a partner DELIVER MORE!

See you next year at Las Vegas!


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