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August 29, 2016 / kiranpatils

New Module : Sitecore Mongo Shell


For few projects, I noticed that me and few of my colleagues/friends had issue validating weather Mongo connection is right or not, and if yes whether data is going through or not. Mongo Client tools (e.g. Mongo Management Studio) are there. But what If you can’t install Mongo Client Tool on server and Firewall is blocked to open Mongo connection out of network?

This tool will help you for that!

Basically, this tool is inspired from. SQL Shell – Sitecore tool to query SQL Data,

BIG Thanks to them.


This is how it looks :

2- 2016-08-28 18_29_23-Mongo Shell Tester - BETA 3 - 2016-08-28 18_29_50-Mongo Shell Tester - BETA 2016-08-28 18_28_27-Mongo Shell Tester - BETA-1

This is how it works :


Have submitted to Marketplace for review. So, will share link once it is available. But I was eager to share [and I am sure you are eager to use] this with you. Package/Source code/Documentation everything is here :

Happy Mongo Troubleshooting! 🙂


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