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August 22, 2016 / kiranpatils

Configuring Web Deploy on your Sitecore server


Last week one of my mates was trying to configure Web deploy with Build server and CM/CD Server and they were facing some challenges to get it done. We have done it so many times in the past. But as we haven’t had it documented we set together and fixed it. But then I promised to blog it and here you go!


Microsoft folks have already written nice documentation here :

This document is quite huge I know and in this fast paced world. Who has time to read through all that document. So, you are looking for important steps? Here are those:

  1. To install : Refer section :”Using the Web Platform Installer to install Web Deploy Separately”
  2. To configure : Refer section : “Configuring a Site for Delegated Non-Administrator Deployment”

That’s it!

You are facing challenge with your Web deploy configuration? Feel free to get in touch with me. Because I have spent good amount of time troubleshooting it (and before that understanding it) and this post is proof of it.

Happy Deployment! 🙂



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