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  1. janhebnes / Oct 19 2017 4:11 pm

    For future reference i would like to add that i had been troubleshooting a live system that did a lot of user synchronization from a domain registry to Sitecore and over time user logins became slower and slower on production, we could not recreate the issue on dev or test…

    We finally identified the error to the sitecore database table containing relation between users and roles. We expected the api to delete obsolete entries and it did not, so each night we were recreating 3000 user bindings and over time the records just grew and grew, the table index was just not build for handling that amount of elements.

    Removing the obsolete entries manually and introducing one line more in the code that removed old entries solved it permanently.

    Not exactly related to the case in this blog, but might help someone looking for help.


  1. Working with lac users in Sitecore – .Net Blog

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