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November 21, 2015 / kiranpatils

New Module : Sitecore Advanced Stats Page


If you are working with Sitecore performance tuning then you must’ve opened stats page at least once. If you can’t recall then this is how it looks:


Usually we open this page and then we follow the trick as given in below articles to analyze  the given data :

  2. [Section 2.3]

But as you can read/know it involves getting all data in to EXCEL, remove all data, and then analyze. Also, this page is not intuitive enough to get things done. You think it would be great if we have simplified version of it? Then this module is for you!


This is how it looks :

Advanced-Stats-PageThis is how it works :


Have submitted to Marketplace for review. So, will share link once it is available. But I was eager to share [and I am sure you are eager to use] this with you. Package/Source code/Documentation everything is here :

Happy Performance Tuning! 🙂

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