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August 25, 2015 / kiranpatils

Fast and furious way of Installing Sitecore Package


Hey folks, Sorry for being away since so long. But have been busy and still busy with lot of things. But today thought to spend sometime to share thing which we learnt, and helped us to save lot of time. So, thought it might help you as well!

So, we were installing package content from one environment to another environment using plain old Sitecore package way. It was taking lot of time.  And we thought. There should be some way to make it faster! And when you want something you find it. So, as we did!

Eager to know about it? Keep reading..


We did a quick Google Search and found nice module from Alex Shyba : This idea is good. But the installation was going on. And somehow I was not keen to install anything on server. So, thought to delve further in to solution. Basically, Alex suggests to disable Index during package installation. Voila! — That was the idea. Then started looking for a way to disable Indexing using simple aspx page [I know I could have done it using Sitecore Powershell extension. But it was not installed, and still I haven’t had my hands on it — But yes, it sounds promising]

Created a simple aspx page using CodeFile model and added following code on some events. With some logic

// Pre Sitecore 7 Way. But works on Sitecore 7 as well
Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.Indexing.Enabled = false; // To disable indexing
Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.Indexing.Enabled = true; // To enable indexing

// Sitecore 7 way
IndexCustodian.PauseIndexing(); // To Pause indexing 
IndexCustodian.ResumeIndexing(); // To Resume indexing 
Reference links:

Happy Package Installation! 🙂



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