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March 29, 2015 / kiranpatils

The version of the sitecore connector is from an older version of TDS on Build server


As we discussed in last post. That we’ve upgraded our TDS version. It worked very well in local. But when we went for deployment on Build server. We faced following error while deploying from Build server to Sandbox environment.


You are also getting same error? Then you are on the right blog post:


Before we go more deep in to this error. For those readers, who are not aware about. Build and Sandbox servers.  let me help you to understand what we meant by them:

  1. Build server : As per our best practice, We always do a release from Build server. This is a plain server. Which is connected to your source code repository. Where your Developers are connected and commits all source code. Mainly from here, we do build code and deploy files via Web Deploy and Sync Sitecore Items using Sync with Sitecore feature. We also have few projects where all these things happens automatically using Team City!
  2. Sandbox server : It is a Sitecore server, where your application changes gets deployed to be tested by your internal QA Team. Before you deploy anything on UAT for client.

They are physically isolated.

Clear?! Still questions? Just shout!

Now, before we go and fix our problem. Do you know what happens behind the scenes, when you do Sync with Sitecore? No idea? Have you ever thought of it? (If not, then will give you a small free advice – To be master of Technology. Think like Hacker!) No worries. Will share with you!

  1. When you do Sync with Sitecore from your Project
  2. It connects to Sitecore Web Url and hits http://HOSTNAME/_DEV/TdsService.asmx
    1. If it doesn’t exist here – Then TDS will prompt you to “Install TDS Connector”
    2. And If you say yes – It will deploy required files to your Sitecore Webroot
    3. If it exists then:
      1. It checks – accessGuid from web.config
      2. If TDS Project Sitecore Access Guid and config accessGuid matches – Then Sync happens successfully
      3. If accessGuid doesn’t match then TDS will ask you to Installl Sitecore Connector and it will make Project’s Sitecore Access Guid and accessGuid same.

Now, for our error, we verified everything mentioned above. And everything looked good.  Then we took a step back and thought. Why it is working in local? And Not on Build server? We compared  _DEV folder between local and Sandbox. Everything looked good here as well.

Then we went to bin folder in local and tried to find out, is there any DLL which TDS might be using and we found “HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreProject.Service.dll”. We compared it with Sandbox/Bin folder’s DLL version. And  they were different. We copied this DLL from Local to Sandbox and it started working!

Now, It works, Everything good. Then we thought why it happened so? (We are engineers!) And after doing bit of brain storming we figured out why:

As Build server and target server are isolated, we don’t use TDS File deploy feature to deploy files. Instead of that we use Web Deploy to do so. And that’s why we haven’t configured “Sitecore Deploy Folder”. TDS uses this folder to copy – paste “HedgehogDevelopment.SitecoreProject.Service.dll” file in to Sitecore Webroot’s bin folder. When you select “Install Sitecore Connector”

Good Read:

Happy TDSing! 🙂

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