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February 8, 2015 / kiranpatils

Fix broken Visual Studio Intellisense in Sitecore project


We had a small challenge, Visual Studio Intellisense was not working at all (event for asp: tags as well) for our Sitecore project. This small problem really took lot of hours of ours, and made us scratch our heads. But good news is, we’ve a solution. And great news is — We are going to share with you! So, it saves a lot of your time, which we invested.

So, if you are working on Sitecore Project, and your Visual Studio Intellisense is not working. This post will surely help you to fix it!

Let’s go!


As always, we did a quick Google search and we found good articles on this:

From these articles, we tried following things:

  1. Delete .suo file next to your — .sln and Reset VS Settings
  2. Open Command prompt in elevated mode – Run as Admin
  3. CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE
  4. Open Visual Studio in safe mode : devenv.exe /SafeMode
  5. Create Empty WebForm Site see Intellisense works here

But neither of this solution worked for us. It worked for you?! You are lucky! Then we decide to delve more in to issue. Then what we did:

We opened Web.Config and commented few assemblies from <assemblies> section.  And then we noticed that it started working!

Now, we had an Eureka Moment, There were few assemblies missing in our project folder’s bin directory. And that was causing this issue. If you are new to Project folder term. Then will just brief you. We keep Sitecore files and Project files isolated. Good Reads :


So, in our case, We had all the assemblies in Sitecore Directory. Which comes with Plain Sitecore. But it was not copied to Project Directory and that was breaking Visual Studio Intellisense.

It fixed your issue? You had/have some different challenge — Feel free to share.

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂


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