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January 30, 2015 / kiranpatils

Sitecore Basics wins Sitecore MVP 2015 Award – It’s Hat-trick!

I’m sure you will be very pleased to know that, your very own Sitecore Basics blog author has been announced as Sitecore MVP for 2015. Continuously third year, and yes yes, It’s Hat-trick! (Maintaining success takes more efforts than achieving it) Cordially thanks to you! (Yes, you!) for inspiring me by your comments, visits, and reads on Sitecore Basics blog! Also, Thanks to everyone who directly or indirectly inspired me. To share more!

tech-750When I won Sitecore MVP Award first time. I’ve never thought. I will be able to do Hat-trick! It all started, with just a single thought. “Why there are No MVPs from India. We are such a huge country. But not a single MVP?”. Then the journey starts. Was not knowing  the MVP process at all. But as someone rightly said. A will will find a way. And so as I! And finally got my first MVP Award. Once I got it. Then I took two challenges.

Share as much as I can, and also share MVP Process awareness, and inspire people to be an MVP [“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy]. So, they don’t face similar challenges what I faced. So, shared my first blog on MVP Basics here.


And because of two challenges, I shared as much as I can. And because of those efforts, Have been able to continue my Sitecore MVP Nomination for 2014 – next consecutive year as well!

And this one is special, because :

  1. This year was super-duper busy with responsibilities, Exploring some unknowns:
    1. But as I used to say earlier, The more busy I’m, The more learning I’ve — This year explored Sitecore from different View — Learn lot of new things – TDS, Glass, DMS and so on
    2. Explored Sitecore 8.0
  2. I had the lot of learnings and in-spite of being busy. Couldn’t resist my self from sharing my learnings with you!
  3. If it happens [As it happened] it will be Hat-Trick!
  4. Presented in Virtual User group Summit and started Sitecore User group India – Earlier, I was just writing blogs and sharing knowledge with internal teams only. But these experience has revealed new way to share things with you!.
  5. From Horizontal Integration/India[HI]’s Point of view:
    1. We’ve been able to get Total 8 MVPs [7 Technology and 1 Digital MVP] this year
      1. Out of that From India [Where overall, 6 MVPs got selected] we’ve been able to get 4 Technology MVPs – That’s awesome!
    2. And we’ve been selected as Sitecore Platinum Partner – In the whole world only 8 Partners have this. Please Visit :

Eager to know what all I shared? Here’s my contribution for this year! [You reap, what you sow!]

  1. Marketplace contributions of this year [And already submitted 3 modules earlier]
    1. : V2 added which allows you to uninstall package!
    2. : This Tool allows users to view,search,sort Sitecore Databases History
    3. : Sitecore Audit Trail (SCAuditTrail) allows users to see Sitecore Audit Trail — Who did what changes and When?
  2. Blog : [It got 130 Posts, 35 Categories, 69 Tags, 1,43,000+ Page Views [While I’m writing it has reached to 1,50,000+], Average 185 Visits per day, 203 Comments, 70 Followers]
    Also, Started blogging on :
  3. SDN Forum[Total 533 Posts, Post Rank 1, Top 10 Posts]
  4. Other activities :
    1. — Daily update on Sitecore, Generating paper using following sources — Twitter (#Sitecore, @Sitecore,#SCBasicsDaily) Facebook (#Sitecore),RSS Feed (Sitecore/Sitecore MVP RSS Feed)
    2.  — Weekly newsletter on Sitecorebasics combined from same source as But shortlisted must read an article gets delivered to reader’s e-mail box. Currently it has 28 subscribers!
    3. — Sitecore Group chat for public forum setup on Jabbr
    4.  — 1010 Total Views  — It will save 95 % of Developer’s Time. While working with a local setup which has Sitecore folder and Project folder in different directory – Which is the case in most scenarios.
    5.  — A different views, appreciated by community!
    6.  — 1324 Page Views.
    7.  — Initiated discussion of Sitecore User group India. We are going to have sessions soon
    8.  — Allows user to Uninstall Sitecore Package
  5. Support Tickets : Total 11 Bug reported till this point of time
  6. Offline activities :
    1. Presented at 2014 Sitecore Users Virtual Summit on Sitecore Caching : Audiences
    2. Core member of Sitecore User Group India (SUGIN) Team

As we all know, nothing big can be achieved by a single person. There are a lot of others involved to make things happen. And same holds true in my case as well. This award would have been impossible without lot of people’s support and wishes! Would like to cordially thanks to each one of them!

Hope to see you in next year’s Sitecore MVP list Still have questions? Feel free to drop me a line! Will be happy to help you to be a Sitecore MVP 2016! 🙂 (Because God helps them, who helps others!) And this story will clear a fog : Tale of Two Seas

Wish you luck! Still then Keep reading, Keep learning, Keep sharing! (Because Knowledge shared with others is not CUT-PASTE, It is always COPY-PASTE)

Happy Sitecoring, Sharing! 🙂


  1. Sitecore Names 2015 Most Valuable Professionals :{90C51E1E-8E22-4789-A198-81125D36BBBC}&
  3.  It is my honor to congratulate our 167 MVPs of 2015! :


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  1. Dheer Rajpoot (@hi_dheer) / Jan 30 2015 8:45 am

    Congratulations Kiran. Very well deserved. 🙂

    • kiranpatils / Jan 31 2015 1:08 pm

      Hey Dheer,

      Thank you sooo much,Congratulations to you as well!

      Happy Coding,

  2. Mike Reynolds / Jan 30 2015 10:23 am

    Congrats Kiran! Here’s to another great year of Sitecore knowledge sharing!


    • kiranpatils / Jan 31 2015 1:09 pm

      Hey Mike,

      Thank you sooo much, Yeah! Congratulations to you as well!

      Happy Coding,

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