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December 10, 2014 / kiranpatils

Sitecore Search Developers Cheat Sheet


Howdy, Sitecore Basic Readers! Sorry was being away for a while. As was busy with projects [And still :-)]. But today, I kept some time aside for you! As I’ve something new to share with you!

I’ve been always fan of Cheat Sheets [And I’m sure you as well!] [Few of you might be from School/College days. Where few people used to have cheat sheets for complex formulas, tables near their study table. So, they can remember it. And it works! And few others, used to take those cheat sheets along with them for cheating in exams! 🙂]

As we are Visual animals, and as someone rightly said “Picture is worth a thousand words!” — So, true it is!

Sitecore 7 Comes with lot of great things related to Search. Initially, I found that when I started working on it, before writing some search logic. I need to refer my code/someone Else’s code or documentation. [Same with you?! Or you think having Sitecore Search Cheat sheet is a good idea?!] — Then this post is for you!


So, I started looking for sources, from where I can get all search queries. And currently I’ve used following sources :

  1. Developer’s Guide to Item Buckets and Search
  2. Mikkel Holck Madsen‘s MovieShop
  4. My Projects and My notes

So, in case if you like this Cheat Sheet. Please say Thanks to people listed above.

Now, We’ve enough data. But how to create a cheat sheet? I am a Developer and NOT a Designer. Can create it using Word. But it won’t have that feeling. Anything available ONLINE? [A will will find a way]Talked to our common friend — Google! And as always it had an answer!

Found a site named as :

It provides simple and intuitive UI for creating Cheat Sheets rapidly. Site is simple. But it has all you need! After searching a lot. I found this one satisfying all my needs. It provides:

  1. While viewing online — Search within Cheat Sheet
  2. Embedding videos/Links within Cheat Sheet for Online viewing. Needless to say. It won’t work when exported as PDF
  3. Provides Code Highlighting and all features
  4. Exports as PDF – Color, B/W, Latex
  5. Google Analytics Integration

That too Free! — What else you need!

Enough theory? Can’t wait more now? Here we go!

Here’s how it looks like:


Here are the ways using which you can access :

  1. Direct Link :
  2. Downloads — You can download from link given above — Top right side. Downloads links is available [Please note : When you download PDF using FF it prints some junk characters. Please do use Chrome for better results!] – You can download in PDF – Color/BW Format, And Latex format as well
  3. Color PDF can be downloaded from here
  4. Black and White PDF can be downloaded from here

Good Reads:

Happy Searching! 🙂


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