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November 19, 2014 / kiranpatils

Your Sitecore Basics is going to present at 2014 Sitecore Users Virtual Summit

I’m sure most of you must be knowing this. But thought to write it down here. As this is the place from where, I started sharing my Sitecore Passion with the world! And as someone rightly said. Life is a Boomerang! If you throw great things, you will get back great things! And same holds true for other case as well! So, be aware! 🙂

First time, I am going to present in Public on Sitecore. I’ve done lot of sessions internally, lot of lectures. But this one is special. Because it is going to be Live and in Public! [No exception! 🙂]

If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Then let me brief you. 2014 Sitecore Users Virtual Summit is near! While I’m writing it’s just 2 days away! Here’s the link :

And this time Sitecore Basics is going to present on Sitecore Caching! Here’s the link :


Image Credits : Mikul Gohil


Title : Let’s Explore Sitecore Caching!

Here’s the abstract : In Sitecore’s Ocean. Caching is a beautiful island. Which is not fully explored by lot of people. I’ve been lucky to do it. During my exploration found lot of great things. Which I would like to share with you! The session will start from Basics and then will show you best tips, tricks and tools which will make you Sitecore Caching Ninja!

When it is happening? : 20 – November- Thursday 10.30 AM IST (9:00 PM Pacific, 12:00 AM Eastern, 5:00 AM UK, 4:00 PM AEDT. ) – What time it will be for me?

How can i join? : (Till this point of time, 44 are surely going to join and 8 are trying to join!)

24 hours of fun, is near to begin! Are you ready to be part of it?! See some last year’s stats :

See you there!


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