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November 1, 2014 / kiranpatils

Workflow validation error while approving an Item


Since last couple of weeks, I started getting following message whenever I try to approve any workflow item for all the sites which has been installed in my local:

2014-10-28 18_16_05-Mozilla FirefoxInitially, I noticed in one of site, and I was in hurry. So, I ignored. Then I installed couple of Fresh Sitecore Instances for exploring, training and R&D (Oh Yes, I do use SIM to Install Sitecore instances! You too?!) And I got this same error in Plain Sitecore 8.0 as well! (Yeah, Sitecore has releases 8.0 Technical Preview. Eager to know more about it? Read this)

You are also noticing the same error? Or eager to know what was the real reason? Let me share!


As it was coming for all Instances from my local box. One point was clear. It is coming due to IIS. And then suddenly it reminded me that before few weeks back. I installed NewRelic in my Local Box for troubleshooting performance issue and after uninstalling that Workflow approval was back to Normal! Easy!? You also installed NewRelic or something similar and was causing similar issue. This trick worked?! Glad to know that!

I know you must be having lot of Why and What questions? As you are an Engineer. To whom everything needs to be logically proved. So, here we go!

Why this error?

Basically, When you try to approve an item. Sitecore tries to run Validation rules which has been configured here : /sitecore/system/Settings/Validation Rules/Global Rules [Source :] and here for workflow two validations has been configured one is Broken Links and another one is Full Page XHtml [Located here : /sitecore/system/Settings/Validation Rules/Item Rules/Item/Full Page XHtml] which calls Sitecore.Data.Validators.ItemValidators.FullPageXHtmlValidator class from Sitecore.Kernel — It sends a request to that URL and validates HTML is valid or not.

What is NewRelic? And how it affects Workflow approval process?

New Relic is an Application Performance Management [APM] Tool. It provides detailed information about your application using  their state of the art instrumentation. And I must say. If you are fighting with performance issue. I must recommend you to try New Relic once! — It is simply Awesome!

Apart from APM, NR Guys also provide RUM [Real User Monitoring] feature and this post nicely explains how it works :

As above article says to show RUM data. NR folks add Javascript. And that was causing an issue. To be honest, I haven’t explored exactly which JS was causing an issue. As such the reason with which I installed NR was done. So, Uninstalling was the easy step for me. But If you can’t uninstall. Then we can troubleshoot it and that too together! Just give me a shout!

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂


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