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November 11, 2013 / kiranpatils

Package History User Guide


One fine morning, was exploring Core Database and while doing so, found a hidden gem, Package Installation History at /sitecore/system/Packages/Installation history. It lists all installed packages, Which means that whenever you install any package in your Sitecore environment. It will register the details here.

Then was able to map this with my old question, “Can we find out Which Sitecore Package got installed? On Which Date? Who sent the package? Who Installed it?” Do you remember “Programs and features” list in windows? You have same questions? Then this module is for you!


Main Features

  • List of all Installed Packages
  • Answers following questions:
    • Who created package?
    • Who Installed it?
    • When it got installed?
  • You can do search, pagination, and sorting!

How to Download and Install?

  • If you would like to do it manually you can download zip package from MarketPlace []
  • It contains one folder named as “packageshistory” which contains .aspx page with name as PackageHistory.aspx.
  • You can copy this folder and paste it in your Webroot\Sitecore\admin folder. [Just a note : you can deploy it on any directory you wish to. But better to put under admin folder as it is secure folder, and as this page is using Single file model. It won’t restart/recycle your application.].
  • Access your page using  http:///sitecore/admin/packageshistory/packagehistory.aspx
  • Would like to download source code? You can download via GITHUB Page —
  • That’s it! Enjoy! 🙂

Just a note : PackageHistory page has been coded using CodeFile model for ease of development and deployment. So, In case, If you would like to do any change directly after deployment, feel free to do it!


You can download Sitecore Package from MarketPlace. Which will do everything for you!

Screen shots

  • This is how it looks like! Quite simple! — You can do searching/sorting/paging!

Sitecore Package History

How it works?

This tool provides lists package details on following logic:

  1. Lists all items from Core Database, under “/sitecore/system/Packages/Installation history” which has template type as “/sitecore/templates/System/Packages/Package registration”
  2. For Search, Sorting and Pagination DataTables.NET Jquery plugin has been used —
  3. For UI Bootstrap has been used —

I would like to hear from you

Found any bug? Got suggestion/feedback/comment, please do share via GitHub Page.

Happy Package Installation Exploring! 🙂

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