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September 16, 2013 / kiranpatils

Two ways to update your Sitecore Basics daily/weekly


Hello my dear readers, how are you? I’m sure you must be doing great!

I’m sure you must be enjoying using — Sitecore MVP RSS Feed

From couple of weeks, was thinking to share daily/weekly Sitecore updates with you! Why?

  • I’m sure you must be reading daily newspaper (Yes, I also do that!) to keep yourself synced with latest on going buzz around the world!  Even though we keep our self updated by news and online updates, we all like to glance through a newspaper once in a day (Especially, in the morning) to update our selves!
  • And same as with weekly magazine, where you subscribe for it with the hope that If you’ve missed something in your busy daily schedule, you can catchup via Weekly magazine!

Now, both of this things has only one purpose. All of us (Yes, Including me) would like to keep our selves synced with the latest happenings and increase our knowledge on what’s going on around us! OR our area of interest! (For example If you are a sports fan, you will invest more time in reading Sports updates rather than other updates.)

What If same way, you can do for Sitecore related updates? Sounds Interesting!? Keep reading…


Did some research and found two nice websites (Obviously, with some efforts) we can do this! Oh is it? I’m sure you must have a lot of questions about how it will work and so on.. let’s take them one by one:

How this works? What will be the source of news?

Basically, there are two Sites, Which we will be using:

  1. Paper.li It helps us to configure our newspaper source from variety of sources like RSS Feed, Twitter, Facebook etc.  (Interested to read more on how works, click here?) And allows us to configure it for daily/weekly  — Currently it using following sources — Twitter (#Sitecore, @Sitecore,#SCBasicsDaily) Facebook (#Sitecore),RSS Feed (Sitecore/Sitecore MVP RSS Feed)
  2. TinyLetter It helps us to send newsletter to list of subscribers

Following flow diagram, will explain you how this both websites, will help us to meet our target requirement:


As someone said — A Picture is worth a thousand words! and So, right it is!

How Can I subscribe for daily/weekly update?

You can subscribe via following way:

  1. Daily update — You can view it from here — and If you would like to get notified whenever new daily comes out, Just Subscribe from Subscribe button given in right side of a page!
  2. Weekly Update — You can view it from here —  and If you would like to get notified whenever new weekly comes out, Just Enter your email address to subscribe. [Just a note : Promise, We will not Spam and not share with anyone!]

You want your Tweet to be in Sitecore Basics Daily Update?

If your Twit has been tagged with #Sitecore, @Sitecore then it will be in daily update. Also, for your ease we’ve added one more hash tag — #SCBasicsDaily

You Would like to volunteer for Sitecore Basics Weekly update?

As per above process, Daily update is automated. But weekly update needs human intervention because we need to filter out best/must read articles. You would like to help us in doing so? That will be  really great! Just drop us a comment here. We will contact you!

Got suggestion/feedback for us to do things more better? Feel free to drop us a comment.

In summary, we’ve three ways to keep our selves updates with Sitecore updates:

  1. Sitecore RSS Feed
  2. Sitecore Daily News Paper
  3. Sitecore Weekly Update

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂



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  1. Nilesh / Sep 16 2013 11:55 am

    Hello Kiran,

    Really effective solution to get everything at one place. I always like the way you keep trying to give as much as possible to your readers.

    Hats off to you dost !!!

    • kiranpatils / Sep 16 2013 8:40 pm

      Nilesh — Thanks for the nice words! It stimulates!



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