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June 18, 2013 / kiranpatils

Sitecore7 Basics!


Hello my dear readers, your friend is back! So, you must be asking where you’ve been since so long? Oh yes, you got full rights to ask that! Was busy with social functions! (Yeah, I’m from India!) and after that was busy with getting introduced my self with Sitecore7! Oh yes, you heard right Sitecore7! You are eager to know my views on it? My experience? My learnings? Easy easy, will share with you! Because you know you (Yes, you!) are the motivation to keep my-self updated and make things simple for you! (as much as I can!) 🙂

So, please fasten your seat belts!  We are going to have a quick ride in Sitecore7 world!


First of all must say, great job to Sitecore7 team, the way they’ve created architecture is awesome, apart from that the way they are  releasing it, answering everyone’s questions, doing Google hangout sessions, blogging etc. is just out of this world! And have seen first time developers and engineers getting directly exposed to the world! — That makes true that Developers will rule the world! 🙂 Must appreciate these gesture from Sitecore guys!

Sitecore7 architecture and releasing way is going to be one more reason to love Sitecore! 🙂

My learning has been started since, I’ve attended Demo for Sitecore MVPs [Thanks to Pieter and Tim Ward – Product architect of Sitecore7] it was really nicely explained. Then have gone through few documents and oh yes, lot of blogs on Sitecore7 by Sitecore7 Dev Team at the same time, from Sitecore MVPs! (Dan Solvay – You made things a lot simpler for me, and I’m sure for others as well! — Thank you!) and last but not the least John west!

So, you must’ve read a lot about Sitecore7, and most of you must be knowing than what I know! What?, you’ve started working on Sitecore7? you lucky champ! So, why I’m adding one more blog for you to read on same subject?

Really, a good question! I’m going to cover up following basic things via this post:

  1. Last week, had a presentation on Sitecore7 — where covered Basics on Sitecore7 with only one purpose –“Basics things about Sitecore7, This presentation should cover basics of Sitecore7 and will be an appetizer for you to learn and explore Sitecore7 more!” — So, tried to make things easy for you, by making PPT more intuitive! — Yeah, sharing with you in a while!
  2. Lined up few blogs on Sitecore7 new concepts (Again going to touch only basics! — Because I believe that if that is clear, you can do miracles), and before doing that this base was necessary as this is going to be a starters for you and then will start serving the main course! 🙂 Feels hungry! ? 🙂

No more waiting, let me serve:

Sitecore7 is like Windows7 — One thing I must like to say. Sitecore7 is like Windows7. I’m talking about myself (might be happened with you as well!) I was happy user of Windows XP, then one of my friend told me that you should go and try Windows7, I had a look at it and thought no man. I’m familiar with XP and this looks totally new to me. So, was afraid to upgrade to Winodws7. But when I got my new laptop and tried Windows7, was amazed!, today I think that today Windows7 is the best OS, I’ve ever used!

Same happened with Sitecore7 as well, initially thought it looks complex! (Happening/Happened with you as well? I believe that it happens due to few reasons — Fear from Change and getting out of comfort zone). But when I started understanding, I started loving it! It’s smooth and promising! I believe that once you get acquainted with it, you will enjoy using it!

Sorry for sharing lot of theory with you, I know we developers, just want action no theory! Here you go!

You can have a quick look at presentation from above, and If you would like to download original PPT, you can get it from here!

Downloaded, had a look at it? Clicked on all links? as it got few hidden slides — which appears on link click only! Eager to know your feedback! Any suggestions? Any comments?

In summary, my views about Sitecore7:

  1. In our solution we don’t use Lucene at all. So, initial learning took bunch of efforts from my side to understand concepts more thoroughly. But once done that things looks awesome!
  2. To manage huge data — Bucket looks nice solution!
  3. Support for Lucene/Solr/ElasticSearch — makes searching huge data easier and scalable!
  4. LINQ API — Use what you want today, and don’t worry you can switch to another thing without touching your code! — Power of Abstraction!
  5. Search UI — makes your life easy, fast and efficient!
  6. Overall, It looks promising!

To learn more Sitecore7 Basics, stay tuned! More is yet to come for you!

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂


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  1. Maulik Darji / Jun 24 2013 5:32 pm

    Nice Article Kiran.

    One update in the PPT.
    SQL Server 2008 R2 will not work.

    Sitecore 7 requires SQL server 2008 R2 with SP1.
    I had really bad time installing Sitecore 7 as my SQL was not having SP1 installed.

    • kiranpatils / Jul 23 2013 6:46 am

      Hello Maulik Sir,

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation!

      Apologize for delay in reply.

      Yes, you are right. This is something I got from Sitecore MVP initial docs. But will check in final docs. And if found the same will share the update with Sitecore guys, and will update this post, with error message what we get when we try to install SC7 on SQL2K8R2 SP1

      Thanks for notifying, thanks for reading!

      Keep visiting,


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