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February 6, 2013 / kiranpatils

Transfer tool – Media transfer bug


In a small city, there are two developers cum friends named as Dex and Gabe. They work on Sitecore. And whenever they face any challenge in Sitecore they discuss it internally, try it out and solve it! They are really happy Sitecore developers! (Same as you and I!).

One day they faced a challenge. And this blog post is about how they overcome that challenge.

Disclaimer — All characters in this publication are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Read it from left to right



So, Basically Gabe has suggested to use Transfer tool – to Gabe for transferring an item from one DB to another DB without publishing [Worst case scenario!].  And while doing it they found Sitecore Bug in which for media items, it transfers an item. But not a media item itself.

They raised a support case, and Sitecore support guys (Thank you Ivan Sheyenko and Alen Pelin) has provided a solution to them. You also want that solution? You can get it from Sitecore support champs by mentioning them Ticket Reference#’s — #375516 and #376422 [Sitecore.Support.345233.dll]

Just a note : Transfer is not an option of publishing. Because Transfer only copies item from one DB to another DB. It will not do cache clearing on your CD servers. Which you need to do manually. But publishing will do all this for you! Transfer should be used only for worst case scenarios only!

Now, Dex and Gabe are really happy and they are enjoying their time! I’m sure they will keep sharing such things with us!

Happy Item Transferring! 🙂

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