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February 17, 2012 / kiranpatils

Is your page loading slowly in preview mode?

Yes, I’m writing after so long time. Sorry for not sharing anything with you since so long time. But got busy with so many bits. But it’s good the more you be busy the more you have to share! 🙂


We were facing one issue in which one of our page was taking  > 2.5  minutes to load in preview mode and surprisingly it was working fine in Page Editor Mode.

After analyzing a lot we found that, one of the control was fetching sub items of current page/item and all the sub items were having – “Subitems Sorting” field in Appearance section’s value as “Created”. [Just a note : all items are in one language and having one version only!]

What you are also facing the same issue? and you also have same behavior? Eager to know the solution? please go to next section..


When we set it to blank instead of “Created”  it resolved the issue and now page gets loaded in 2 seconds!

We got this hint from this blog, must read! : [Really helpful, thanks a lot]

Good to read on Sorting:

Happy Sitecoring! 🙂

PS : Special thanks to Siddhi who lead us towards this solution!


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