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June 26, 2011 / kiranpatils

DreamCore Europe 2011 Experience

Luckily, I got chance to be present at DreamCore Europe 2011. Would like to share my experience with them who can’t make it happen or who would like to recap it!

For me It was a wonderful experience, as I live in India and was visiting London first time it self was a great experience! — Really nice and very well manged city!

DreamCore Europe 2011, being held in London at the Altitude 360 between June 7th and 9th.

Full agenda can be found here :

Let’s follow the Agenda!

Tuesday, June 7

“Welcome Cocktail Reception at the Tower Bridge Walkways” — 07:00 – 11:00 pm

What a welcome it was!

First, the place — TowerBridge – An engineering beauty!

The Welcome Cocktail Reception for Dreamcore Europe will be held at the picturesque Tower Bridge Walkways. This is an event not to be missed by any participant!

It allows you to talk to anyone (Sitecore MVP, Sitecore CEO, Sitecore Chairman, Sitecore Sales Director any Sitecore member or any delegate). The event was really nice and we had a word with lot of brainy people there! with unlimited cocktails!

I agree with what Sitecore guys said “This is an event not be missed by any participant!”

Wednesday, June 8

VenueAltitude 360

This was the main day it started very early and had so many events!

We got Nice badge — Stating our name, company name and our country name. So, other participants can identify you easily! With nice diary and handy pocket mouse!

Then we started our sessions for first day! The first session was “General Session with a Keynote by Michael Seifert, CEO, Sitecore Corporation “. Before we start would you like to walk through the venue? Here you go:

It was at Ground floor, everything was set!

And the introduction video started! It shows some good statistics about Sitecore (Frankly, I liked this video so much!). You can also see it below (Must watch!):

And then Michael SeifertSitecore CEO started his keynote. Basically Sitecore is mostly aiming concentrating on CEP (Customer Engagement platform) — Which covers automatic marketing, where your customer spent most time? Following up your customer, As per Customer’s behavior suggesting him new products which suits him/her. To explain this many things Michael gave nice example! and he explained it very simply! It was really a great presentation!

Basically there were three Tracks to attend:

1. Technical Track A : Totally Technical

2. Technical Track B : Technical + Business

3. Business Track : Totally Business

my choice was obvious — Technical Track A 🙂 (And this post also targets Technical people, If you are reading this post for Business Track related information, then I’m sorry)

Technology Overview Keynote

Lars Nielsen, Sitecore’s Co-founder and Senior VP Technical Marketing, and Kerry Bellerose, Senior VP Product Management, will kick off the Technical Track by introducing the latest exciting Sitecore technology and giving developers a sneak preview of upcoming releases including:

– Sitecore Online Marketing Suite 2.0
– Sitecore Marketing Automation Suite
– All new Page Editor
– Sitecore Rocks and many more!

In this session they presented from where they started and where they have reached — they also presented Sitecore 6.4 new features (also explained them in detail – Layout deltas!)

I was amazed with their presentation skills. Lars got good sense of humor and Kerry got good knowledge of full product — Whenever anyone asked any question Kerry has the answer!

It’s really nice to enjoy this session!

They also appreciated Jakob Christensen – Sitecore Rocks! developer and they also announced that they are going to invest more in Sitecore Rocks this year! [Really a great product! Unfortunately I missed to meet Jakob :(]

Developer Goodies

Mind-blowing stuff is on its way! This session presented by Lars Nielsen, Sitecore’s Co-founder and Senior VP Technical Marketing, will focus on the new features of:

– Sitecore Rocks
– A preview of Sitecore’s Online Developer Infrastructure
– An introduction to the Better Shared Source program
– And many other cool surprises.

If someone asks me which presentation I liked the most then I will say this one. Lars presented the things very well and Sitecore Rocks really rocks! [Now, Sitecore Rocks works out side Visual Studio as well!].

Lars presented Sitecore Rocks with a developer’s routine life! [A developer’s mind stack always got one thing — that’s coffee!].

OMS 2.0 – Under the Hood

Chief Technical Officer by day and Sitecore certified ninja by night, John West describe the various technical aspects of Sitecore’s OMS 2.0, including engineering objectives, the new database management strategy and schema, and configuration options. He will then present various examples using the new developer API.

Before session — I was lucky enough that I got time to speak to John — In SDN forum I always see his name. So, I always wanted to meet him! It was really nice experience!

In this session he explained all the bits of OMS — Frankly, I haven’t worked with OMS. So, most of the things I was unable to digest in this session. But meeting John was really a good thing out of this session!

[Sitecore] Episode 6.5 – The Page Editor Strikes Back

Sitecore has sought out developer feedback looking for technical reasons why customers might be reluctant to implement the Page Editor in their projects. This session, presented by Alexey Rusakov, Sitecore’s Product Manager, will walk you through new features introduced in CMS 6.4 and CMS 6.5 that put such technical challenges to rest.

Wow! changes in Sitecore 6.4-6.5 in Page Editor — It works with all browsers! (Even CE as well!)

They simplified Page Editor a lot! and makes thing simple!

All About Automation

This session is presented by Kerry Bellerose, Sitecore’s Senior VP for Product Management, will introduce you to Marketing Automation for developers. The session will discuss the components which make up Marketing Automation and explains how it works behinds the scenes. You will see some examples that illustrate how marketing users can create engagement plans to automate interaction with visitors without programming using Sitecore provided conditions and actions. You will also see how easily developers can extend the Marketing Automation Suite by adding conditions and actions specifically tailored to meet the special needs of their site.

He explained about Marketing automation in this session! Lots of exciting things are coming for Marketing people! Drag and drop and you are ready to go!

Day 1 ends here!

Thursday, June 9

The first session was the best session on this day!  Title and Description is as below:

Technical Interaction Panel

This is your chance to ask Sitecore senior technical product leadership your burning questions. Have important feedback about our products? Are you exploring new technologies that Sitecore might leverage? What about experiences you have had developing Sitecore solutions, accessing support or reading documentation? We want to hear it all and this is your chance to have an audience with the technology leaders who are setting Sitecore’s course. To frame the discussion we’ll start with our roadmap and plans. Join us for this one-of-a-kind opportunity!

I enjoyed this session a lot! It gave me chance to raise my questions and also listen questions from others!

After this session I had a word with lots of Sitecore internal people — And it was really great experience for me! It feels great when you speak to someone who has built the product from Scratch which you are using currently!

Shared source workshop for Developers

Jimmie Overby – Shared source Coordinator presented the present and future of Shared Source module! (Shared Source module portal will have lots of new things in future like Statistics, like button, rate button, comment etc.)

Concluding Visionary Speech – Michael Seifert & Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore

Nice concluding visionary speech!

Social media integration, CEP etc. are the buzz words in Sitecore world! (Sitecore 7.0 is also coming!)

Dreamcore Europe 2012 is coming to Amsterdam

That’s it! Wonderful experience ends here! I hope you enjoyed this post!


Happy Sitecoring! 🙂



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  1. Kimberly McCabe / Jun 27 2011 3:25 pm

    Hi Kiran,

    Thank you so much for this blog post. It’s great!


    Sitecore UK, Manager – Marketing Engagement

    • kiranpatils / Jun 27 2011 9:57 pm

      Hello Kimberly,

      Thanks a lot for appreciation!

      Kiran Patil


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