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April 28, 2011 / kiranpatils

Shared Source Library

Before couple of days I shared my first shared source module – Cache Tuner. During this time so many guys asked me what this Shared Source Library is? This question inspired me to write this post.

Basically, Shard Source Library is platform for everyone who believe in sharing the knowledge and tool what they gathered and developed on Sitecore.

Official definition:

The offerings in the Shared Source Library are delivered “as is” and are not supported under the Sitecore support contract. Shared source modules are created by various individuals, groups and sometimes even partners of Sitecore – and are as such not “Sitecore products”. Shared source modules are provided with source “as is”, so that you can always adapt and modify those modules to fit your particular needs. We encourage you to at all times share your experience of the open source modules in the Sitecore Community and we also urge you to improve the shared source modules, and to share such improvements. At all times, please feel free to send improved shared source modules to our web master and we will make your contribution available to the entire Sitecore community.

Sitecore always welcomes feedback on Shared Source modules, and may in certain circumstances choose to remove open source modules. Sitecore can for quite obvious reasons not guarantee that Shared Source modules will work according to your expectations, nor work flawlessly on all Sitecore versions at all times. Open Source modules are by nature sometimes not commercial grade products.

So, If you developed any cool tool — Which you think will be helpful for others as well, and would like to share it with Sitecore world. Then Shared Source Library is a platform for you.

So, obviously you must ask, How to start? Whom to approach? and so on…..easy easy…keep reading..

Before contributing I read this aricle

1. Mailed my basic details (Who am I?, What Module I’ve developed — Basic details with Screenshot) to Jimmie Overby
Sitecore Shared Source coordinator ( [Great Guy!] [Note : If you haven’t developed any module and would like to have access on any shared module’s SVN then you can send those details to him]
2. He did Project Room setting for me and given rights to me on SVN.
3. I checked in the code, wrote documentation [features, how to install, Userguide] and created basic package for an end-user.
4. Again mailed to Jimmie and he tried everything from his side and suggested few things.
One thing I learnt new in Wiki is that, as per wiki’s default behavior it links all Camel Cases. If you would like to stop this default behavior you have to put “!” [exclamation mark before your word] e.g. !CacheTuner.aspx Or !http:///sitecore/admin/cachetuner.aspx [as this is not really link, it’s just an example for an end-user].
5. And Finally he made my module available on Listing page!
6. That’s it!

Worth to read:

Worth to Watch:

Frankly, It was really a fun! 🙂 You also got inspired to share your module? Please do share it now before your inspiration meter goes down 🙂

Happy Sharing! 🙂


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