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April 25, 2011 / kiranpatils

Basics of SQL Profiling

Last week I was reading article on SQL Profiler from Sitecore Scrapbook and its really great document for all those who are new/already know how to use Sitecore Profiler.  The one problem it has is that it has been uploaded as .doc and few people avoid to download and then read the document. So, I thought to create a web version of the same document. So, those few people can take benefit of document.

1. Start SQL Profiler from SQL Server Management Studio > Tools

Choose File > New Trace

Check Show All Columns

2. Choose Column Filters and set e.g. DatabaseId to a specific database

2.1 No idea, what is your Database ID? No worries, you can check using following way (Find the database id from Databases > System Databases > Master > Views > sys.databases)

3. Or filter e.g. by all requests taking more than 100ms.

4. Save the trace to a database table by checking the “Save to Table “ checkbox below. Then Choose Run to start profiling.

If you liked this article then credit should go to, its original Jesper Jørgensen – article writer.

Source :

Happy SQL Profiling! 🙂


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