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April 23, 2011 / kiranpatils

Favorite Sitecore Scrapbook articles

Sitecore support guys are really doing great job by writing new stuff on ScrapBook. The list has become so huge. So, I was just going through each item and during that I found that so many things are already covered by latest version of Sitecore Internally and something is not much useful [in General]. So, I decided to filter Scrapbook articles, which I did and sharing with you!

Scrapbook Topic



Debug Site How to enable debugging for your sitecore Site – Very useful for finding bottlenecks in renderings.

Click here

Asp.Net performance debugging This article shows how Sitecore debugs the performance of various actions in the Sitecore product by using dotTrace.

Click here

 SQL Profiler How to use SQL Profiler

Click here

On Stress Testing Really best article I read on web for Stress Testing basics

Click here

Performance of Virtual Machines Nice article which shows some statistics of VM performance.

Click here

Sitecore Taskbar at the Top of the Screen For those who always likes to do different from others!

Click here

Minimal web farm setup Quickly setup CD servers

Click here

Using Audit report entries Explore your Audit reports

Click here

Optimizing Sitecore Performance Best article on how to optimize Sitecore performance (Covers CM,CD, Database and everything)

Click here

Let me know if you found any scrapbook entry useful which I haven’t covered here, will incorporate yours as well!


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