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April 16, 2011 / kiranpatils

Basics of Sitecore Startup


I was reading on Sitecore startup time and was also experimenting something which can affect Sitecore Startup time. Lots of things involved and need to check and I’m still learning. So, thought to put it in one document and here we go


When you Start Sitecore [you do IISRESET/App pool Recycling/hard crash happens] after that the time which Sitecore takes is to show Initial page either Front end page/Content Editor login screen is sitecore startup time.

Once your IIS has been restarted and you hit first request, at the same time check under log folder new log file should be created at the same time if not then you need to check following article:

then, check how much time your Sitecore Startup process takes, If you are not happy with Startup time then you can check the following thing to improve it:

1. Prefetch cache [The most important guy who affects your Sitecore Startup time]. But it’s not culprit. It’s its duty to do cache before anything gets fetched — Prefetch [Wanted to read more on Sitecore Caching? Read my earlier post on Sitecore Caching Basics]. Basically prefetch cache configuration lies at two places under Web.Config and App_Config/Include — For in-depth understanding I strongly recommend to read Cache Configuration Guide]

2. Disable your Custom Pipelines, processors [HttpRequestBegin, RenderLayout etc.].

Any possible infinite or improper loops in your startup scripts.

3. Check for any custom agents and try to disable them.

4. Is your Database connectivity is good? Database is performing well? Wanted to check it? Read my earlier post on Testing Database Performance.

We faced issue that few of our CD servers were coming up so fast while others were coming up so slow [Fast one was pointing to A database and slow one was pointing to B database]. To test it we pointed slow one to A database and OMG this trick worked! So, would suggest to try this!

5. Use the profiler like ANTS to look for other bottlenecks in your environment.

Happy Sitecore Startup! 🙂


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