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April 12, 2011 / kiranpatils

Publishing and Cache Clearing Basics


I’ve seen so many people asking, How cache clearing works [Before you know How Cache Clearing works. Please do clear your basic on Sitecore Caching from earlier post]. This answer depends on your Sitecore Version.


<= Sitecore 6.3

Earlier to Sitecore 6.3, you can use following two options:

1. Staging Module – From Sitecore itself.

2. Stager Module – Shared source module.

The Sitecore Stager utility allows partially clearing Sitecore caches on content delivery servers in web farm environments. [Staging Module also got partially cache clearing code]This can notably improve performance when publishing small amounts of changes to heavily loaded production Sitecore servers.

There is written an extensive documentation on how to get the Sitecore Stager up and running on your site, it is available on the project room which can be found here a long with the packages you need to install.

The Sitecore Stager module was created by Alexey Romaniuha from Sitecore Ukraine

>= Sitecore 6.3

If you are lucky guy on this earth and using Sitecore 6.3 then you no need to spend your weekends and late night at office. Because Sitecore 6.3 got the best publishing concept on floor. Which is fast, robust and best stuff from Sitecore on Publishing — It works on Event Queue concept.

Just refer this scaling guide :

And you are done!

Free personal advice, If you are facing lots of publishing, delayed publishing issues then please get upgraded your Sitecore solution to Sitecore 6.3 and your life will be simple!

Good to read:

Happy Publishing! 🙂

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