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March 1, 2011 / kiranpatils

Sitecore performance


Since last couple of weeks, I was reading more on sitecore performance stuff as we were fighting with performance issues. It was really great experience to do so. And during this time I found so many good articles and blogs which I would like to share with you.

Sitecore champs has developed so many good things. But I think [I’m sure you also] haven’t publicized or indexed it well. But not to worry if they have done so you might not be visiting this blog 🙂


Performance will not come overnight. It takes too much efforts to get the performance. First we should concentrate on performance while doing the development [This is the first and best place to do this!].

Now, I’m sure you will ask what I should keep in mind while doing sitecore development for performance? To answer your question please visit this nice webinar :

You can download the Webinar slides from here:

Now, you wrote a great piece of code. But still you are facing performance issues on CM/CD Servers. please do check following

Performance checklist:

Good to read :

ASP.NET (64 bit) Performance Tuning with Sitecore :

Sitecore Differentiating Factors Blog Series: Architecture, Performance and Scalability :

Please share if you got another good link related to performance!

Happy Sitecore Development! 🙂

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